The use of fibre optics in security systems and surveillance gives added value to important aspects:

• Long range distance with single cables, without need to splice: (Point to Point).
• Great bandwidth and transmission capacity.
• Undetectable system, immune to electromagnetic interference.

OPTRAL manufactures cable and optical converters for CCTV installations. This cable with a tight buffered structure manufactured by OPTRAL allows not only for an easy fixation of the connector, but it is also a flexible and compact cable that provides security to the installation of transmission.

Perimeter control is a system that allows for a permanent and rapid detection of any intrusion or anomaly. In many cases, fibre optic cables are the sensing element in the perimeter and anti-intrusion control systems.


DM4 Series - RS485

Data signal transmission RS485 over Multimode optical fibre.

VM3 Series - Video + RS232

Simultaneous transmission of video and data RS232 over Multimode optical fibre.

OS1 Series - ON/OFF Contacts

Transmission of ON/OFF signals over Singlemode optical fibre.

MCM15 Series - 1000 Mbps (1Gigabit)

Transmission of IP signals over Multimode optical fibre.

CDAD (2 -12 FO)

Distribution cables with dielectric armour as rodent protection up to 12 fibre optics. Classification CPR: Dca.


Border Surveillance System between Ceuta (Spain) and Morocco, CCTV FORD Factory (México), CCTV SPGG-TICSA in Nuevo León (México), CCTV in Casablanca Airport.