About us

optical fiber cables

is a private Spanish company operating in the field of optical communications designing, producing and selling Fibre Optic Cables and Optoelectronic equipment.

Thanks to our modern fleet of machinery and leading edge technology, we can produce more than 400,000 km of Optic Cable, which we sell all over the world, as we have a market in more than 50 countries.

Presentación corporativa


1986 The founding of OPTRAL with the aim of designing and producing Optoelectronic Equipment.

1988 Sale of ibre Optic Cables. Our strategy consisted in being the first Spanish company to have a stock of Fibre Optic Cables for immediate delivery.

1994 Beginning of industrial activity with the manufacturing of adjusted Fibre Optic cables. After analysing the market and detecting that LAN’s (Local Area Networks), both in office and industrial environments, were poorly served and yet had great potential for growth, we decided to enter this field, providing solutions in the form of new designs. CDAD Cable.

1995 Exports to Europe. Thanks to our dedication to exports, from the outset we have considered selling to other countries.

1997 Exports to South America and North Africa. We extended our scope of activity in various parts of the world.

1998 UNE-EN-ISO 9002.

2000 Manufacturing Approved Cables. We actively entered the Telecom market, designing and manufacturing new cables with an approved structure.

2004 UNE-EN-ISO 9001.

2005 Inauguration of our subsidiary OPTRAL Chile, which has a JIT warehouse.

2006 Inauguration of a subsidiary in Mexico. 2008 New premises in Sant Iscle de Vallalta (Barcelona), which becomes our HQ. 2009 Exports to Asia

2008 Nuevas Instalaciones en Sant Iscle de Vallalta (Barcelona), pasando a ser nuestra sede central.

2009 Exports to Asia.

2010 FTTx Solutions.